We are well known for our short delivery times and quality of our gearbox repair services. In addition to gearbox repair, equally important is discovering the root cause of the gearbox failure in order to avoid unplanned machine downtime in the future. To pinpoint equipment failure we perform oil analysis, vibration measurements and thorough visual inspection, for instance examination of abrasive wear patterns and gear tooth pitting.

Root Cause Failure Analysis
Identifying causes of gearbox failure is an essential step in preventing equipment problems that may occur in the future. To determine failure root cause we perform both oil analysis and vibration analysis combined with visual inspections.


Gearbox lubrication - oil analysis
Proper lubrication is extremely important for the lifetime and condition of the gearbox. In many cases, gear and bearing problems result from contaminated or insufficient oil. Oil filter contamination could cause bearing failure and gear tooth damage. Sometimes insufficient lubrication causes metal-to-metal contact with abrasive wear as a result.

Oil analysis provides important information on wear modes and possible gearbox lubrication problems. On the other hand, visual inspections of wear patterns and gear tooth pitting can reveal lubrication problems e.g. oil leakage or improper lubricants.


Vibration analysis
In addition to oil analysis, vibrationanalysis is an effective technique for monitoring the condition of the gears and bearings and determing theroot cause of machine failure. With our CSI portable spectrum analyser and Bentley Nevada multi-channel real-time analysers we are able to carry out on-site vibration measurements detecting various sorts of gearbox problems: gear damage (e.g. scoring, abrasive wear), bearing defects (cage fractures, inner/outer ring damage)
alignment errors, looseness, imbalance, resonance areas