Lasercladding - with its origin in the aerospace industry - is an advanced laser technique for applying metallic coatings to components using a powerful diode laser. It is used for the protection against wear and corrosion of new components and the repair of damaged components.

Our Lasercladding department is fully equipped to respond promtly and accurately to the needs of our customers. Our lasercladding equipment may be used to apply different coatings and can even be operated onsite.

Why lasercladding
Lasercladding has many applications and is used for all kinds of surface treatments. It is often used for the modification and repair of critical high wear components that are exposed to highly abrasive and corrosive environments in demanding industries (see "Industries who can benefit").

How it can be used:
to add a new coating to gearbox components such as the gearbox housing;
to upgrade existing components by applying a coating that meets specific requirements;
to restore worn out parts back to their original dimensions.

Existing welding methods require a much higher heat input that may result in distortion of the component. The thermal input of the lasercladbeam can be precisely controlled. Therefore lasercladding is suitable for all kinds of damaged and new components in which a minimum of distortion and a maximum of high precision is demanded.


Advantages of lasercladding
Important technical and economical advantages are gained compared with conventional welding methods, e.g:
High precision and high quality
Fast repair times
100% metallic adhesion
Minimal dilution with the base metal
Minimal heat input and distortion
Superior properties:
No porosity
Homogeneous distribution of the elements
Excellent control of the layer thickness
Controlled minimum mixing