Advanced Gear Services has a large machine department for mechanical manipulations. We can give work items for gearboxes the following treatment here: (CNC) turning horizontal and vertical, (CNC) boring and milling, universal milling, slotting of keyways and grinding. Below is a selection of our machines:

Turning horizontal/vertical
Our turning lathes will be used for numerous modifications to gearbox components, such as the making of head axial and radial hole patterns. We have several machines for vertical and horizontal turning.

Capacities turning horizontal
- up to diameter 920 mm
- length 6000 mm

Giana GFP 12 CNC

Capacities turning vertical
- up to diameter 2130 mm
- length 1050 mm


Boring and milling
Our horizontal boring and milling machines are designed for precise milling, coordinate boring and complicated work items up to a weight of 12,000 kg. Using our new boring machine WHN 13 CNC we mill your work items faster then ever with the highest contour accuracy and reliability.


- up to 2000 x 1800 x 1400 mm
- max table weight 12000 kg



A grinding machine is a machine tool used for producing very fine finishes or making very light cuts, it uses an abrasive wheel as the cutting device. Its intended applications require extremely high precision machining and very tight tolerances.

- workpiece length upto 2000
- max table load upto 1000

TOS BUB 50 - round grinding
Voumard 350 - bore grinding
Sieleman RFSB 80 - bore grinding

Key-seating is a machining process in which internal shapes and forms are cut using a single-point cutting tool to cut internal keyways.

- up to stroke length 450mm
- keyway width up to 50 mm

TOS ST 350